Tuesday, 10 June 2008


The aim of the project is to use technology to increase young peoples understanding of contemporary art and to talk, write and think about it with the same confident they approach music and fashion.
On Friday, we had our first meeting at Central High = )

When we all arrived and had been escorted into The Meeting Room, Suzy gave us all packs with diaries, letters and information in. Then she talked us through the general information… what was going to be involved and what sort of things we were going to be doing and going to and also who we would be working with.

After everything was sorted we moved into three groups to discuss our jobs individually so we all got sort out exactly what our job involved and what dates we would be involved in things. I got chatting to the girls on my table and I think that everybody got to know people on their table, which was good =D…

Finally the photographers and I got given our cameras and they are brilliant!
That was the end of meeting no. 1...


iLOVEart said...

I think its really good that the art we are looking at throughout this project is not old fasioned because it is more of a change, also this is an oppurtunity to learn more aboout contempary art.

annaannaanna said...

yes, i agree with ILOVEART its a way of getting to know working with art and other stuff :D

maymii said...

:D weeell... i am not good at commenting or typing for that matter, but i think that this project is helping us all to make new friends and to work collaboratively in a group. xx

xXx Harry xXx said...

hiya I think this project is good for us because we are getting an insight into contemporary art and learn stuff.

This blog is way cool.
The people at the meeting are cool too :)
gowri (harry)

Xxx- E l l i e c o p t e r -xxX said...

I think its a great opportunity to talk about contemporary art and bieng able to gain lots of experiences, too!

:D xxx

Gowri <33 said...

Today was fun ;)