Thursday, 12 June 2008


On Thursday 12th June, Suzy took Katie (photographer), Daisy (filmer), Divalka (Interviewer) and I to Linder Sterling's studio in Morecambe :)
Linder is a very successful contemporary artist and she is known worldwide for her work. Her work ranges from collages to nightclub dramatics to make a point clear. Linder is also a feminist and a lot of her work is to do with feminism.

Linder's studio was a large rectangular room with huge glass windows and white walls. For an artists studio,Linder had a surprisingly tidy studio, with a desk and chair at one side of the room and two pieces of her work propped up on the wall at the other side. As Daisy and Suzy set up the video camera, Linder showed us some examples of her work, old and recent and she talked to us about why she had done them.

Then Divalka interviewed Linder, and she asked some amazing questions, and got some really interesting answers back from Linder, who seemed to have had so many experiences and interesting stories to tell to us. At the end, Linder showed us her printing press, which she had used for artwork, and of which she was very proud.

It was brilliant for all of us to have the opportunity to visit a real successful contemporary artist and speak to her!!! :D

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