Thursday, 26 June 2008


On Sunday the 22nd of June (the windiest day in the year!), Suzy, Sam, Chris, Gowri, Trisha, Daisy, Tommie, and I went to speak to and observe Robert Williams and Jack Aylward-Williams (10 years old), a father and son working together as Artists on Dale Street, Lancaster.

At the moment Jack and Robert are working on a project based on Gilbert Whites Natural history of Selnourne. In this project they are making a display cabinet of mainly natural and some human things they find on their street. It is a year long project and already they have a lot of collections. Jack and Robert have also collected some bones of dead animals such as rats and hedgehogs, either roadkill or cat kill.

When we all arrived we walked down Dale Street and found their house. Suzy knocked on the big black door and it opened, and Suzy went inside on her own to speak to Robert. After a few minutes, the door opened again and we all went in, and Robert led us into the kichen, past Jack, who was sitting on the stairs. In the Kitchen, Robert explained what the plans were for the day.

We decided to split up into two groups; Daisy, Tommie, Chris, Sam and I in one group, and Suzy, Gowri, Trisha, Jack and Robert would be in the other. Our group was going to the back part of the street to film where Jack and Robert do a lot of collecting, and Suzys group were going to stay inside and look at collections and the cellar where Robert and Jacks workshop/studio was.

Before we split up, we all went down some thin wooden steps into the Studio/workshop. The studio was quite dark and filled with papers and bottles and equipment. At a desk, Robert explained what things were and showed us some of his collections briefly, then we went iof into our groups.

Daisy, Tommy, Sam, Chris and I walked round the back to the back street. It was a long alley with doors coming of on the right to the houses as you walked down it. At the other end was a dead end.
Daisy and Tommie spent quite a bit of time filming the alley and the street, and there was lots of beautiful plants and tree's there.

Then we went to the opposite side of Dale Road, where Tommie and Daisy did some more filming. . .

By this time, it was raining quite hard and the wind was almost blowing us off our feet! Daisy and Tommie had done enough filming so we joined the others indoors. After warming up again we joined up with the other group and Jack, Robert and all of us went collecting.

It was an exeptionally bad day for collecting! The wind and rain soaked anything we collected and although we got a few things, for a collection trip it was dissapointing, so we called it a day and went inside. We spotted some little birds!

Back inside the house, we had hot drinks and buiscits before leaving!!

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