Sunday, 22 June 2008


On Tuesday the 17th of June, Suzy, Suzanne, Tommy, Ben and I went to see artwork at the University show in Lancaster.

Our taxi dropped us off outside the University and we walked towards were the exhibitions were being held. My first sight as we entered the first building was clusters of students with thier parents, glasses of white wine in their hands and all very beautifully dressed.

We went into a wide white two floored room completely covered in the students artwork of a huge veriety, from sketches and paintings to big pieces of model type work.

Ben was taking pictures of peoples expressions when they looked at artwork as inspiration for his artwork for the magazine, and he went round with Suzy, asking permission to take pictures of people. Some were comical, some serious, and Ben took lots of pictures of people in various poses; chin stroke, thoughtful, head scratch e.c.t. whilst Suzanne, Tommy, and I wondered around looking at the art work. The work was amazing.

Then we went into the half of the exhibition. There was lots more artwork in there just as spectacular as the last. Tommy found a piece of artwork which from the outside looked like a white box but inside was a little world, which you could see through a looking glass.

After we had all finished looking at the artwork we went home in our taxi


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