Thursday, 26 June 2008


On the 26th June we had our fourth meeting at Lancaster Girls Grammar School.

While everyone arrived, Chris had bought drinks and snacks for us. Suzy explained what was going on, and gave us four invitation each to invite whoever we wanted to This is not applicable's screening and photo exhibition.


We talked in groups about who we should send them to, and Suzy collected in pieces of work people had finished to go in the Magazine. Tommie, Ellis and Rowan went into another room to mock up the magazine.

After that, Katie and I went round taking pictures of everyone;



On Sunday the 22nd of June (the windiest day in the year!), Suzy, Sam, Chris, Gowri, Trisha, Daisy, Tommie, and I went to speak to and observe Robert Williams and Jack Aylward-Williams (10 years old), a father and son working together as Artists on Dale Street, Lancaster.

At the moment Jack and Robert are working on a project based on Gilbert Whites Natural history of Selnourne. In this project they are making a display cabinet of mainly natural and some human things they find on their street. It is a year long project and already they have a lot of collections. Jack and Robert have also collected some bones of dead animals such as rats and hedgehogs, either roadkill or cat kill.

When we all arrived we walked down Dale Street and found their house. Suzy knocked on the big black door and it opened, and Suzy went inside on her own to speak to Robert. After a few minutes, the door opened again and we all went in, and Robert led us into the kichen, past Jack, who was sitting on the stairs. In the Kitchen, Robert explained what the plans were for the day.

We decided to split up into two groups; Daisy, Tommie, Chris, Sam and I in one group, and Suzy, Gowri, Trisha, Jack and Robert would be in the other. Our group was going to the back part of the street to film where Jack and Robert do a lot of collecting, and Suzys group were going to stay inside and look at collections and the cellar where Robert and Jacks workshop/studio was.

Before we split up, we all went down some thin wooden steps into the Studio/workshop. The studio was quite dark and filled with papers and bottles and equipment. At a desk, Robert explained what things were and showed us some of his collections briefly, then we went iof into our groups.

Daisy, Tommy, Sam, Chris and I walked round the back to the back street. It was a long alley with doors coming of on the right to the houses as you walked down it. At the other end was a dead end.
Daisy and Tommie spent quite a bit of time filming the alley and the street, and there was lots of beautiful plants and tree's there.

Then we went to the opposite side of Dale Road, where Tommie and Daisy did some more filming. . .

By this time, it was raining quite hard and the wind was almost blowing us off our feet! Daisy and Tommie had done enough filming so we joined the others indoors. After warming up again we joined up with the other group and Jack, Robert and all of us went collecting.

It was an exeptionally bad day for collecting! The wind and rain soaked anything we collected and although we got a few things, for a collection trip it was dissapointing, so we called it a day and went inside. We spotted some little birds!

Back inside the house, we had hot drinks and buiscits before leaving!!

Sunday, 22 June 2008


On Thursday the 19th of June we all went to the weekly meeting at the boys Grammar. Everybody met in the big art room, and sat down at the large white pods. Suzy then spoke to us about what had happened so far and what was going to be happening and then she went round and spoke to us individually about what we were doing and what we could go to this week. Then each pod came up seperately to see the blog and to leave comments.



On Tuesday the 17th of June, Suzy, Suzanne, Tommy, Ben and I went to see artwork at the University show in Lancaster.

Our taxi dropped us off outside the University and we walked towards were the exhibitions were being held. My first sight as we entered the first building was clusters of students with thier parents, glasses of white wine in their hands and all very beautifully dressed.

We went into a wide white two floored room completely covered in the students artwork of a huge veriety, from sketches and paintings to big pieces of model type work.

Ben was taking pictures of peoples expressions when they looked at artwork as inspiration for his artwork for the magazine, and he went round with Suzy, asking permission to take pictures of people. Some were comical, some serious, and Ben took lots of pictures of people in various poses; chin stroke, thoughtful, head scratch e.c.t. whilst Suzanne, Tommy, and I wondered around looking at the art work. The work was amazing.

Then we went into the half of the exhibition. There was lots more artwork in there just as spectacular as the last. Tommy found a piece of artwork which from the outside looked like a white box but inside was a little world, which you could see through a looking glass.

After we had all finished looking at the artwork we went home in our taxi



On the Monday 17th June, at 5 o’clock at the Dukes, Suzy, Suzanne, Daisy, Mila, Eva and I arrived at the Dukes in Lancaster to interview Karen Guthrie. We waited in the foyer while Suzy set up the videoing equipment. Then Karen arrived, beautifully dressed and we went into the meeting room and Daisy positioned herself in one corner of the room. The room was quite big, with a big screen and chairs set out across half of the room. On the other side were a table and some chairs. Eva and Karen decided that the table and chair would be the best place to do the interview.

Eva asked Karen roughly about ten questions and everybody, including Karen, was very impressed by them. Karen’s answers were really interesting. After the interview, Mila photographed Karen.

<- Mila

Saturday, 14 June 2008


On Friday the 13th of June, Suzy, Daisy, Tommy and I went to DT3 in Lancaster for the filming workshop. DT3, the Dukes Theatres new youth centre, used to be a Church, and is now used for a lot of different youth activities. When we got there there were some contemporary dancers practising a routine in the main room. After Daisy had set up the video camera with Tommy and a man had helped teach them how to use it and the tripod, they started to practise videoing the dancers. They had several trial runs before beginning to properly take the video.

It was a really good chance for them to learn more about videoing and the equipment :)

Thursday, 12 June 2008


On Thursday 12th June, Suzy took Katie (photographer), Daisy (filmer), Divalka (Interviewer) and I to Linder Sterling's studio in Morecambe :)
Linder is a very successful contemporary artist and she is known worldwide for her work. Her work ranges from collages to nightclub dramatics to make a point clear. Linder is also a feminist and a lot of her work is to do with feminism.

Linder's studio was a large rectangular room with huge glass windows and white walls. For an artists studio,Linder had a surprisingly tidy studio, with a desk and chair at one side of the room and two pieces of her work propped up on the wall at the other side. As Daisy and Suzy set up the video camera, Linder showed us some examples of her work, old and recent and she talked to us about why she had done them.

Then Divalka interviewed Linder, and she asked some amazing questions, and got some really interesting answers back from Linder, who seemed to have had so many experiences and interesting stories to tell to us. At the end, Linder showed us her printing press, which she had used for artwork, and of which she was very proud.

It was brilliant for all of us to have the opportunity to visit a real successful contemporary artist and speak to her!!! :D

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


The aim of the project is to use technology to increase young peoples understanding of contemporary art and to talk, write and think about it with the same confident they approach music and fashion.
On Friday, we had our first meeting at Central High = )

When we all arrived and had been escorted into The Meeting Room, Suzy gave us all packs with diaries, letters and information in. Then she talked us through the general information… what was going to be involved and what sort of things we were going to be doing and going to and also who we would be working with.

After everything was sorted we moved into three groups to discuss our jobs individually so we all got sort out exactly what our job involved and what dates we would be involved in things. I got chatting to the girls on my table and I think that everybody got to know people on their table, which was good =D…

Finally the photographers and I got given our cameras and they are brilliant!
That was the end of meeting no. 1...