Thursday, 10 July 2008


On the 5th of July, the film that Suzy, Tommie and Daisy had worked so hard on, was viewed at The Dukes in Lancaster. It was a really exiting day for everybody, and all the people who were involved in the project had invited family and friends. Suzy had put up large pictures that some of the photographers had taken and a laptop projected the finished (brilliant) magazine on the wall. Copies of the magazine in the various stages as it progressed were on small on tables and the bar was open selling food and drink as well as a table with lots of little red & black cupcakes with N/A on and strawberry cocktail drinks. Suzy had obviously been working really hard!
The viewing was at four thirty and everybody went into the large cinema to watch. When everybody one was seated Suzy came on to the stage and explained about the project and film and said thank you to people.
Then we watched the film, which was really good. Divalka, who was presenting the show, was really confident and the film was so professional. I think everybody was impressed.
Afterwards everybody had drinks and cake and every sudent who had been working in the project was given the Magazine, N/A.
I think that it was a brilliant day and we all had a great time.
I just want to thank Suzy for all the work she has put into our project on behalf of everybody on the project. THANK YOU !!! :)

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