Monday, 7 July 2008


On Saturday the 28th of June, there was an editing workshop at DT3 which Suzy, Daisy and Tommie went to to edit the film. It took much longer than expected to do the editing, and they got the first section of the film done but they have quite a bit more film to do .... which Suzy finds a bit scary really considering the screening is only a weeks time away! The guy at DT3 taught everyone how to use the software, and it was great of him to give up his Saturday to sit in a teeny and very hot room clicking away on the computer. Daisy and Tommie picked up the software really quickly and edited all of the footage from Karen Guthrie's interview and Robert and Jacks day a few weeks ago. They realised that they would only be able to include a small amount of the footage that had been recorded, so the film will only include a few of the things we have been doing over the month this project has been taking place.

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